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The story of our Start up
Every organisation has a story to tell. If brick & mortar and infrastructure builds an organisation; its the people, their dreams, ambitions, determination, hardwork and courage that puts soul into it. Our story, like that of any other entrepreneurial venture, is unique. It is a real life drama of success and failure in a roller coaster ride.

What started as a casual conversation over a cup of tea way back in 1987 soon resulted in two IIMA graduates, doing reasonably well in their respective jobs to giving it up and coming together to start a business in the seeds industry. Little did they know then that they were indeed sowing the seeds of a bigger success story that was yet to unfold.

The birth and growth of TMI Network
The seeds business wound up in three years with a financial loss of about Rs. 1 million but that did not dent our spirits. The experience left its lessons behind – to never start a business that is not aligned with our strengths. It taught us to be better prepared next time around.

In 1991, we started all over again. TMI Network, the Recruitment Consultancy was established in Hyderabad with an initial investment of only Rs.50,000, one telephone, one desk and one desktop. We had to go through the initial struggles to get a foothold in the industry. In 1993, we entered the Recruitment Advertising business where we were making our presence felt. By the year 2000, we expanded our operations to 6 cities with more than 100 customers and over 200,000 professional relationships. We became India's largest Recruitment Advertising agency and one of the top 5 recruiting firms.

Spreading our wings
In the year 2000, we got funded to start a subsidiary called C&K Management for creating a knowledge portal – We were funded only up to 50% and suddenly the dotcom funding market burst. By September, 2000 we were facing bankruptcy with the huge expenses of a start up and no income. In these years, we had to learn to survive and we did – thanks to a visionary top management and a set of dedicated people. Now, in 2008 we have reached a leadership position in e-Learning. We create courses for top global IT companies in India and slowly coming out of disastrous position we were in due to the under-funding of our venture.

The year 2005 saw the birth of a new baby in the TMI Group – TMI First, which focused on fresher recruitments. The first year was a struggle to stay afloat with an employee strength of 14 and only 3 to 4 active clients at any given time. Today, it is close to a 150 strong arm of our group and has executed close to 23 different projects in the last 12 months alone. Our focus through TMI First was to connect education to employment, more so, in disadvantaged sections of the society. Going by the laurels we have picked up along the way, we sure seem to have succeeded in our realising our vision. Today, we are the employment consultant to the Govt. of Rajasthan and the IT Mission of the Govt. of Kerala. We are the dominant players in the BFSI and Insurance sector with focus on rural employment. We work very closely with NGOs and Govt. establishments.

Touching Lives
We have come a long way. From being a one room start up to being an organisation with pan India presence, from an initial invest of Rs.50,000 to a group turnover of close to Rs. 237 million, from 2 employees to close to 215 employees, from being recruiters to being employment consultants to state governments – the journey has been remarkable and it has only just begun.

We have recently acquired our UAE Employment Licence. We now manage the full spectrum of career management of individuals which dovetails into the needs of corporates. We constantly interact with candidates worldwide, both individually and through mass media. We also write subject specific content for leading publications, both national and international.

All along, we have built relationships, we have gained people's trust and we have touched human lives. We are catering to the needs of the Global Indian and we would like to be a significant contributor to the building of a talent pipeline for today's and tomorrow's needs.

We think ahead

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